Our Story

As a child, I [Bruce] distinctly remember walking into someone's house and seeing a deer antler. I was incredibly intrigued. Perhaps it was the fact that this antler used to be the crown of a majestic buck, or maybe there's something in my DNA that resonates with the look and feel of an antler.
Growing up in Montana, I took advantage of everything my dad taught me. I tried to summit every peak I could manage. Eventually, I had conquered many of the peaks I had set my sights on, prompting me to look for a new challenge. I took up trail running, off-trail hiking, and finally decided it was time to learn how to shed hunt. It was indeed a challenge - countless hikes, a year of searching, until I finally found my first shed. That moment, when I located a beautiful six-point brown, is one I will never forget. I was over the moon. From that point on, I was addicted to antlers.


How was I going to display this antler I was so proud of? How could I hang this shed antler on the wall? I didn't want to drill into the antler or leave it on the floor, but I also knew I wanted to pick it up and show it off sometimes. I couldn't find any product online that displayed sheds in this way.

Shed Straps LLC is Born

In 2020, my wife and I took matters into our own hands and spent several days drawing product blueprints on our back glass door with a dry erase marker. The Shed Straps basic and premium products were brought to life later that year!

Rebranding to Epoch Outdoors

In early 2024, we rebranded from Shed Straps to Epoch Outdoors to more accurately capture our core mission and values - to enable and remember the epic moments we have in the outdoors.

Our Mission

Our mission at Epoch is simple - to help others create, remember, and share the epic moments we have in the outdoors. Now is the time!

Where We're Headed

Accompanying our growing business is a website complete with product tutorials, a Youtube page showcasing my adventures outdoors, and an Instagram page highlighting what we (and our customers) love so much about our products! Just this year, we added our Bear Blitz Bear Spray Holster to our product selection and we plan to add more over the next several years! Click here to read more about why we made our Bear Spray holster.